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internet-radio host michaela paige, singer/songwriter lelia broussard, and fiery soul singer terisa griffin, taking his total to 12. cee lo added peruvian singer diego val and hurricane katrina survivor alexis marceaux for a total of 13 artists. and christina landed the returning dez duron, latin pop singer laura vivas, and former child pop-star jordan pruitt, bringing her team total to 13.
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we relied on it for everything. and then the power went out. everything stopped working. we weren't prepared. fear and confusion led to panic. the lucky ones made it out of the cities. the government collapsed. militias took over, controlling the food supply and stockpiling weapons. we still don't know why the power went out. but we're hopeful that someone will come and light the way. - previously on revolution... - i'm gonna have to ask you to come with us, under the authority of the monroe republic. - why? - you can't take him. - put it down! - stop. danny's gone. - dad! - my brother miles is in chicago. he can get danny. - so why would they take danny? - we'll know when we find him. - your dad was my friend. i am going too. - i'm nate. - charlie. - charlie, i'm telling you, you can't trust anyone.
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we're looking for miles matheson. - his brother was murdered by a militia. - just you. come with me. - no way, buddy. - she's my niece. i don't know you. militia, huh? - why did monroe want my dad? - monroe thinks your dad knew something, and he thinks your dad told me. - what? - why the lights went out, maybe how to turn 'em back on. - my mom is dad, my dad is dead, and god knows what they're doing to danny right now. so you are going to help me get him back. - why is that? - 'cause we're family. [clattering] - i want to wear my ballet slippers. - no, we're gonna be doing a lot of walking. it's like...dora. it's like a big adventure. we are gonna walk right out of the city.
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- where? - to the country. there will be a lot of food and water and-- and room to play. [clattering] can you do something for mommy? - what? - do you remember when we were in target and your brother wandered off and i was running up and down the aisles? do you remember how scared i was? - yes. - i need you to be a big sister. your job, charlie, is to not let go of your brother's hand. to never let go of danny's hand. okay? can you do that? - daddy, i smell smoke. - there might be a fire nearby. - i don't hear any sirens. [glass shattering]
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- there's no more fire trucks, sweetheart. - charlie. you all right? - i'm fine, maggie. just thinking. [metal clanging] - do you hear that? - hey, where's miles? - careful now. monroe wants me alive, doesn't he? - that's true. but he never said how many limbs.
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unh! unh! - miles. miles, stop. - what? - he's unconscious. - he's a bounty hunter. probably not alone, either. area's crawling with them. - okay, so what--you're just gonna murder him in cold blood? - yeah, charlie, that's the idea. - miles, please don't. - it's, like, one day into this trip. you're already a pain in the ass. all right. come on, chuckles. - what? - [grunts] help me get him into a boxcar. we got to lock him up.
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- and that's why god caused the blackout, friends. why he wiped away our cars and planes, batteries and spark plugs, computers and phones. because we built ourselves an electric tower of babel. we had power but no truth. followers but no family. - great, they're having a sale on heroin. - unh! - what did that man do? - [grunts] - it's the militia. could be anything. spoke up. looked at them sideways. who knows? - danny's riding with guys like that and we're-- what are we doing here? - told you. i need to talk to somebody. - miles, wait.
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my little brother's out there somewhere. he hasn't been more than five miles from home since he was a kid and it's my job to look out for him. - if you want to see him again, we're gonna have to go up against monroe himself and a couple thousand of his men. i can't do that alone. i need help and my help is here. be right back. - where are you going? - uh, this little place called "shut up and stay here." hey. i'm looking for somebody who plays cards here. - a lot of people play cards here. - you'd remember this one. nora clayton. - what's your business with nora? - look, i just need to know where she is, okay? - who's asking? - don't you know?
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this is miles matheson. you should have killed me when you had the chance. - that's what i said. so how'd you get out? - i think i broke every bone in dmy han trying to punch my way through the wood, but... what can i say? you're worth it. - i don't suppose we could call it a draw? you tell me where nora is-- - with the price tag monroe's got tacked on your ass? i don't think so. - well... give it your best shot. we'll see what happens. - okay. let's see what happens.
10:09 pm
- yeah, i don't know them. - really? they were walking around the train yard with you. - so? i met them yesterday. i've been trying to bang the british chick. - then you won't care if i slice them open. - all right! all right! let them go. - miles. - not a word. - let's go.
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there are laws so, explain this.? how can something get bigger.. and smaller? there's more of it.. and less of it? well, i guess the laws of physics are more like.. general guidelines.
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- unh! - [grunts] - unh! - is nora here or not? - [grunting] no.
10:14 pm
- where is she? - she's probably dead by now. she got arrested for stealing militia gold. they put her in some work camp south of here. in fort chatsworth, i think. [bones cracking] unh! [horses whinnying] [gunshot] - you hear that? what'd that sound like to you, danny boy? [knocking] - can i help you?
10:15 pm
- you know, my wife julia, she grills these venison steaks. i don't know what she does to them, but, man, oh, man! 's like she smothers them with love. - sounds...good. - you'll get a lot of steaks out of this guy. burly son of a bitch. how'd you bring him down? - crossbow. - and i suppose he got this buckshot from a bar fight? - listen, i don't know what you think that i-- - sir. are you familiar with the baltimore act? "it shall be unlawful for any citizen of the monroe republic to buy, sell, own, or transport any firearm." except loyal militia of course. now the penalty for this... is death. so i'm gonna only ask you once.
10:16 pm
is there something you'd like to share? thank you. search the house. - hey, hey, that's all i got. - and you're just a beacon of trust. easy, son. easy, easy, easy, easy. just take it easy there. let me see. let me see. let me see. open up. - sir.
10:17 pm
- burn it. burn everything! - [screams] - sergeant strausser. what do you think you're doing? - [moaning] - i was interrogating the suspect, sir. - not like this. we're not animals. sir, are you all right? i'm sebastian monroe. president of the republic and general of its militia. - i know who you are. - look, i am sorry. it's okay.
10:18 pm
it's okay. but you do know why you're here. i need to know where the other rebels are. now, you tell me, you'll be with your family inside a week. i guarantee you. look, you rebels are bombing my camps. you're killing my men. you're terrorists. but hasn't there been enough violence? don't people have the right to be safe? happy? - people aren't happy. they're scared to death of you. but i'm not.
10:19 pm
no, no, no. [grunts] - you know, it was probably all my fault. yeah. it was, i blame myself. - we made it out okay. - mm, yeah. that went like clockwork. - swiss army knife, please. aaron? - what's this? - just-- - what are you doing with an iphone? - swiss army, please. - charlie, next time i tell you i want to kill somebody, let me kill them. she's gonna get herself killed. thanks. - what are you doing? - i'm learning my lesson. i'll meet you in two weeks. main street in lowell, indiana. you got that?
10:20 pm
- no, wait. you're leaving? - i got to go get nora. we need her. - who is this woman anyway? - she's really good at blowing stuff up. and we can't get danny back without her, trust me. - miles, please, let us come with you. - hey, you dragged me out here! lowell, indiana. two weeks. - miles, come-- - where's my pack? oh, you've got to be joking. [sighs] damn it.
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with 50% less sugar [branches snapping] - uh! uh! aah! aah! aah! [grunting] you? - i better take a look at it. - i don't need your help, nate! stay away! [panting] [grunting] [handcuffs clicking]
10:25 pm
ah! ah! [sighs] - oh, that's good, charlie. really, i'm impressed. - don't be. you were stomping around like an elephant back there. why are you following me? - i'm following your uncle-- same as you. those are the orders-- bring him back alive. - so you're militia. you used me to flush him out. you're a son of a bitch. - so you're just gonna leave me like this? - yeah. you're such a crack soldier, you can figure a way out. is your name even nate? - no. i've got orders.
10:26 pm
- but then why'd you save me? - maggie, slow down. - we can still catch up. - we don't know where she went, and we can't hunt-- not like she can. - aaron, please. - she will find miles, but we will never find her, not without a gps. - so you're saying we just let her go off to some militia prison camp. - i'm not happy about this either. but we'll see her again. - how do you know that, aaron? how do you know that? - just--you know, we will. - do you want to know the reason why i keep this? because somewhere inside are the only pictures of my kids. birthdays, first steps, their whole lives...
10:27 pm
and i don't have a single photo to hold in my hands. i spend hours staring at this stupid thing, because it's getting harder and harder to remember their faces. so i'm sorry... but there's no way of knowing who we'll see and who we won't see again... not anymore. - [panting] hey, cap... i'm pretty messed up, huh? - i'm afraid so, son. it's die quick or die painful. that's all you got left. you drink every drop.
10:28 pm
then you sort of drift off. you won't feel a thing. - [shivering] i'm scared. - don't be. down the hatch, son. where you're going you'll be warm and rested and fed. you'll be with your family. and the best part... you'll bask in the brightest, most beautiful light. [sighs]
10:29 pm
[basketball bouncing] - mommy? why are we here? - daddy had to get some things from our work. he'll be right back. - my ball! - you like basketball? - yes. - me, i, uh-- i love the bulls, but they probably played their last game, huh? - charlie. charlie, come over here. - she's beautiful. - charlie, come here. - yeah.
10:30 pm
such a pretty face. i'd hate to have to smash it in. i'd like your food, please... all of it. - damn it, charlie. you're killing me. what are you doing here? - i'm coming with you. - i told you i would come and find you. - not good enough! you need to let me come with you! - look, i get it. you want your brother. you've been abundantly clear on the subject. - no, you don't get it! you need to let me help, okay? - why? - because it's my fault, miles! - what are you talking about? - i took care of danny. after my mom died, it was me. he gets these asthma attacks. so i had to watch him. i wouldn't sleep for more than an hour at a stretch, checking on him-- ten times every night just to make sure he was still breathing.
10:31 pm
i didn't let him out of my sight... until the day that they took him, because i was off pouting like some brat. and if i was there, maybe i could have stopped them. maybe my dad would still be alive. maybe danny wouldn't be off scared and alone. and if he gets sick, they're not... miles, i can't sleep. you got to let me help. i can't just sit there and wait. - okay. so, uh, i have a confession to make. um... um... ben gave me this. he said to keep it safe and to bring it to a woman
10:32 pm
named grace beaumont in grant park, illinois. - who is she? - i don't know. - why? why her? - maggie, what if we could get the power back on? what if you could go home again? what if you could see your kids again? - [chuckles] we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing...
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and see disney's frankenweenie october 5th,
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thto want the very best publicly education system for yourte to.n teacchildren.ome test... i'm barack obama and i approve this message. - how? - the blackout. that doesn't make any sense-- totally corn-holed the laws of nature. and it shouldn't be permanent. we should be able to fix this.
10:37 pm
but for some reason, we just can't. but if it were man-made-- - "man-made"? why would someone do something like that? - listen, if i'm right, then this is good news. this is the best news. - how? - because if it's man-made, then maybe we can fix it. - and surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and i will dwell in the house of the lord forever. amen. all: amen. - [scoffs] - go ahead. spit it out. - i'm sorry. what? - have some conviction! if you think something, then say it. you don't like that i killed that traitor back there, even though he owned guns and a rebel flag, even though he shot one of my boys.
10:38 pm
but i'll tell you what i think. i think the monroe militia is the one thing between us and total anarchy. maybe it's just a finger in the dam, but it's the only order we got left. - do you want to know what i think? i think that you tell yourself that. i think the truth is you like to kill... because you're a murderer and a psychopath. [choking] - i appreciate the honesty.
10:39 pm
- move it! - lift! [man shouts indistinctly in the distance] - lift! lift! - let's go! move! - crazy son of a bitch must actually think he can get the power going. - who? - general monroe. and if he does... imagine what he can do with one of those. - got to get it over this hill before sundown! - what'd those prisoners do? - most of them probably just didn't pay their taxes. - that's nora. - hey!
10:40 pm
get up! - get up right now. - [groans] - they're gonna kill you. get up. - up, you lazy piece of crap! [gunshot] - i'll tell you something-- i might be good with a sword, but i got jack squat against a rifle like that. [tapping] - buddy, i'd keep your hands off if i-- - [whispering] hi.
10:41 pm
- miles? no. get out of here. - these aren't even locked. - 'cause i picked it. now go. - hey, man. she doesn't want to go. take me! - shut up! come on. go, go, go, go, go. - hey, wake up. wake up! - thank you so much. i didn't want to be rescued, miles. and i sure as hell didn't need to be. - wow. you could have fooled me. you were on a chain gang. - on purpose. - yeah, but-- wait. what? - i got arrested on purpose. give me some credit. i'm working a job. - what job? - the sniper rifle. i'm stealing the sniper rifle. - you went through all that trouble for a rifle? - who the hell is this? - i'm his niece.
10:42 pm
- you have family? - most people do. - and, yes, the rifle is more than worth it. the militia controls all the guns. so a beauty like that on the black market-- priceless. i was gonna sneak up, slit the warden's throat, take the gun, but now sneaking's kind of out. - well, how was i supposed to know that? - you weren't. you were supposed to keep the hell away from me. remember? - things are different now. - like how? - [sighs] - like how, miles? - like me. he's here because of me. - meaning? - the militia took my brother, and he's gonna get him back. - seriously, what's your angle? - no angle. this is for real, nora. and i want you to come with us. you owe me. - oh, for that amazing rescue? - you know what for. - okay. but i'm getting that gun first.
10:43 pm
- you're never gonna get close to that rifle, not now, not without him shooting you with it. - you want my help? we're getting that gun.
10:44 pm
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- not exactly a colt .45, onbut it'll do the trick.kes. - you're gonna shoot the warden? with that? - yeah, miles, that's the idea. - that thing only works from a foot away. how are we gonna get close enough? - we'll sneak up. - in broad daylight? they know what you look like. and they'll kill me on sight.
10:47 pm
- so i'll do it. some innocent girl lost in the woods. i can get close. - i like her. i like her a lot. - forget it. - it's a good idea, miles. she just takes out the warden. and you and i sweep up the rest. - you can't do it. - i appreciate the concern, but i-- - no, no. i mean you actually cannot do it. you will choke. - i won't. - you, who bitched about me killing somebody in cold blood, you're just gonna walk up, shoot somebody in the face for a sniper rifle? - it's not about the rifle. and it's not about you or her. - really? what's it about? - the 30 innocent people down there who are working as slaves. and it's insane to me that neither of you have even mentioned it. what the hell's wrong with you? so what do i have to do?
10:48 pm
- here we go! - lift. lift. lift. you... put it down right now. - i'm sorry. i was just hunting. - what the hell are you doing? - i was hunting. i got lost. - hey! take it easy. bring her over here. - i'll snap her neck. stay back. - it's okay, baby. it's okay.
10:49 pm
- let her go. - okay, you sure you want to do that? what if you hit your little girl? - come here, baby. - i'm just hungry. - hey, stop. we need that food. i can't let you take it. i'll shoot! - i don't think you will. [gun cocks]
10:50 pm
- i said stop! - so you're lost, huh? i know the area pretty good. where you from? [gunshot] [gunshot] - gun!
10:51 pm
[horse neighs] - hey! - [grunts]
10:52 pm
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[ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. woooo! could've had a v8. - hey... okay, i got to hand it to you. you did good. - "did good"? - yeah. all these people are free. - i killed two men today. maybe that's not a big deal for you. maybe it's another monday or whatever, but it is to me. we shouldn't have to do this. things should be... i don't know... - you are... very unusual. - what's that supposed to mean? - it's not an insult, charlie.
10:55 pm
- [groans] [exhales sharply] - oh, son of a bitch. - what? - when did you get that? - just relax. - you're not selling that sniper rifle, are you? you're gonna give it away to the resistance. - everyone changes, miles. - you joined the rebels? you? - what do you mean, "rebels?" - a bunch of deluded, bleeding-heart-- - patriots--trying to bring back the united states. - the will lynch you on the spot for this. - maybe. or maybe i'll take out general monroe first. [keys clacking]
10:56 pm
[knock at door] - hello, grace. [computer whirring] - come on. [pounding on door] [keys clacking] [electricity crackling] [lock opens]
10:57 pm
[door creaking] - rachel? they treating you well? i told them-- anything you want... wine, ice... - thank you, bass. what more could i possibly ask for? - it's always nice to see you, rachel. it's always nice to see someone who knew me from the old days. - you were a womanizing drunk, and i liked you a lot better then. - everyone did. miles did. hell, i think even i did. - why are you here? - i have some bad news, rachel. ben's dead.
10:58 pm
- you're lying. - i wish i was. - i-i take it you're the one who killed him. - understand me that it's the last thing that i ever wanted. i'm sorry. - are we finished here? - no. there's something else. i have your son. no more games, rachel. you want to see your boy again, you're gonna talk... about ben... about the power... about everything, you understand? - [whimpers]
10:59 pm

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